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EST  2014


" Playing for the Love of the Game, Competing for Bragging Rights "

Our Fantasy Football League hosted by has been a total success since we started playing in 2014. We have expanded and re-structured all of our game settings for maximum fun and fairness, and we play using a unique Legacy Format. Remember we play for the love of the game, not for money. We hope you join our league and experience the excitement and the thrill of coaching your own NFL team. Talk football and  make new friends as you play head to head for the chance to win your division, and make it all the way to the Big Game!

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NFLNET 1 - 2 NFLNET 3 - 4 ESPN - 2 - 3 REDZONE 1 - 2 REDZONE 3 - 4 REDZONE 5 - 6

Join Our League

Our Legacy Format  - When you play in our league, you will be coaching a team selected from our official list.  Our teams keep their respective stats & identity, regardless of who is coaching them, just like the real NFL. The concept is to encourage players to come back to their favorite team every season, or try different teams every year. This versatile format allows teams to create their own history, stats, identity and legacy, making them more popular and wanted. Read our Guidelines and Regulations for more details.

 As a fantasy coach for a football team, your job  is to trade, drop, and add free agents, build your team and prepare your weekly roster. Play against 19 other coaches for division supremacy and finally reach the playoffs for a chance to go to The Big Game. Show your skills as a coach and as a Fantasy Player! Enjoy the thrill of coaching your own team! We honor those who play for the love of the game, and compete for bragging rights. Visit our Hall of Champions and see those who have reached supremacy and honor in our league.


If the league is full, you can play our Public NFL Games

  Playoff Challenge /  NFL Pick Em



Compete to win our Championship Ring + Cash Prizes when you join our league's Crowd Fund


League Champs are immortalized in our HALL OF CHAMPIONS


League Stats





Regular Season Winners 
Year   Team W-L
2022   Cheeseheads


2021   Cheeseheads


2020   The Reefers


2019   The Stingers



The Amazons



The Stingers

2016   Laces Out 


Evil Divas


The Devils


Most Valuable Coach 
Year   Coach Team
2022   Sandra V. Evil Divas
2021   E.Rodriguez


2020   Shane B.


2019   Nathan C. Cheeseheads

Salvador N.



Travis M.

The Warriors

2016   Ernie B. The Raptors
2015   Rene V. PhEagles
2014   Sandra V. Evil Divas
Divisional Champions




Laces Out

11-3 North
2016   Brama Bulls 11-3 South
Draft Science
10-4 East
2016   Bama Roll Tide 6-8 West
2015   The Devils 10-4 North
2015   PhEagles 10-4 South

*** 2015 Season had only 2 Divisions



W-L Div.
2018   The Devils 10-3 North
2018   The Beerknockers 9-4 South
2018   The Avengers 9-4 East
2018   The Amazons 11-2 West

The HeadBangers

10-4 North
2017   The Stingers 12-2 South
2017   The Amazons 10-4 East
2017   The Raptors 10-4 West


W-L Div.
2021   The RedTails 10-4 North
2021   The Spartans 8-6 South
2021   The Enforcers 8-6 West
2021   The CheeseHeads 13-1 East
2020   The RedTails 7-6 North
2020   The CheeseHeads 9-4 South
2020   The Rhinos 10-3 East
2020   The Reefers 10-3 West
2019   The Barbarians 9-4 North
2019   The Stingers 10-3 South
2019   The CheeseHeads 7-6 East
2019   The Bandits 8-5 West




W-L Div.
2022   WolfPack 13-1 North
2022   The Rhinos 10-4 South
2022   The Raptors 9-5 West
2022   Cheeseheads 13-1 East
2023       North
2023       South
2023       West
2023       East
2024       North
2024       South
2024       West
2024       East



Team Performance

Year Wk Team


2022 12 The Spartans 243.90
2021 5 The Avengers 235.80
2020 3 The Bandits 256.80
2019 15 Stingers 262.60
2018 9 Evil Divas 219.30
2017 8 The Stingers 212.40
2016 6 Evil Divas 194
2015 3
The Raptors
2014 8
Evil Divas
Team Performance
Year   Team


2022   Cheeseheads 2506.30
2021   The Avengers 2251.10
2020   Cheeseheads 2,116.10
2019   The Warriors 2,136.50
2018   The Warriors 1,966.10
2017   The Stingers 1,682.40
2016   Brama Bulls 1879.30
Evil Divas
The Devils

Player Performance

 (Most Fantasy Points by a Player in a Week)

Year Wk Team



2022 2 The Rhinos Tua Tagovalloa - QB -Miami Dolphins 101.00
2021 5 The Devils Lamar Jackson - QB- Baltimore Ravens 98.40
2020 4 The Bandits Dak Prescott - QB - Dallas Cowboys 98.40
2019 7 Alien Nation Aaron Rodgers QB - GB Packers 99.50
2018 11 The Warriors Patrick mahomes QB - K.C. Chiefs


2017 8 The Gators Russell Wilson QB - Seattle Seahawks 91.20
2016 8 The Dragons

Derek Carr -  QB  - LA Raiders

2015 8
Team Jedi

Drew Brees - QB - NO Saints

2014 7
The Bombers

Ben Roethlisberger - QB - Pitt Steelers


Pick'Em League

Year Player Score
2021 TETSUO 180

 Join us & play our Public  Playoff Challenge & NFL Pick'Em

 League Guidelines & Regulations

All current and new players must read and agree to comply with our Guidelines and Regulations before joining the league. You must be over 21 in order to play. Minors do not qualify to play in the main league. Minors can play the public PICK'EM and PLAYOFF CHALLENGE games instead.

Submit your application to join our league


  1. MUST COMPLY - All players must compromise a minimum of 5 to 15 minutes per week of your time to play in all game phases, read boards and vote on the fantasy polls from pre-season to post-season.. No excuses.

  2. Only One player per household allowed (To add a family member or a friend., player must request a "Shared Location" Application, once accepted to the league)

  3. All players must use a League Approved Team to play in all  our game platforms. Choose a team  from our Official League Franchise Teams. All players must adopt the team name and their respective logo from our Official League Teams in all  game platforms ( Playoff Challenge & NFL Pick'Em ).  Failure to comply,  will result in removal from the League. No exceptions .

  4. All Teams must join all Game platforms in order to be considered for the MVC award. ( Playoff Challenge & NFL Pick'Em )

  5. All players must  register a $5.00USD donation to the FFL RING CROWD FUND in order to win prizes. Remember to supply your team name when making your donation. ******Only teams with registered donations before Draft day, will qualify to win the ring and cash prizes. You can also play just for fun, but teams with a registered donation are always preferred.

  6. Our Draft is 100% Automated - No Expertise needed to draft! Simply set your Pre-Draft Ranking List and the NFL AutoPick Bot does the rest! It does not matter if you are an expert or a beginner, everybody have the same equal draft odds, as the bot drafts and distribute players randomly among the teams and divisions, based on each team's Pre-Draft Ranking List  and player availability. All teams are selected always in a random order and never pre-ranked, making our draft 100% fair and equally challenging.

  7. OPEN TRADE -  Trade, drop & add players all regular season.(Weeks 1 to 12 / 2 players max per transaction, 2 per team, 3 times per season) *****No trading or sharing during playoffs. (weeks 13 to 16) Only  Free Agents.(Dropped Players have 3 day waiver time) No temporary player sharing allowed at any time during the season.*****  Do not discuss or argue trade offers in open chat. If you don't like an offer, just use the "decline" option. Arguments and fights over trade offers are not allowed.

  8. LEAGUE ETIQUETTE -  Only post game related matters. No personal matters can be discuss in our league boards. Disrespecting comments will not be tolerated. Do not post or send negative comments or remarks on the board and trade messages, or about any religion, politics, business, entities, or genders. All players must be courteous and respectful to others in the league, regardless of color, sex orientation or religious believes. Violations will result in game suspension or complete removal from the league. ** All players must report any violations to the league management in open board for action to be taken.

  9. Do not post any advertisement links unless you have consent from the league management.

  10. ATTENDANCE - All players must Show Weekly Activity starting from the preseason month of July. Simply login to the league, read and participate on The Activity Board and vote on the Fantasy Polls at least once a week. ( One new poll every week). It only takes an average of  5 minutes of your time, once a week. Mandatory attendance begins with our preseason training camp on the first week of July. Failure to comply will result on player ejection from the league.

  11. NO QUITTERS -  Winning or Losing, team coaches that do not show activity for more than 14 days starting from the league's pre-season month of August, during the regular season or the league's playoffs , will be considered abandoned & disqualified. Team will be vacant to any other new player wanting to join. If team is not owned in time, it will be locked and removed at the end of the season.

  12. RETURNING PLAYERS - Every returning coach that plays in our league, must return to ensure participation during the Pre-Season month of July.  Teams with no activity during the Pre-Season period will be considered vacant and available.

  13. NO MONEY BIDDING - We play for the love of the game and not for money. All prizes are paid by the league's crowd fund. Friendly bets between team owners are allowed, but not sanctioned by the league.

  14. Only 2 QBs Allowed per Team/per Roster -Teams can only Draft 2 QBs. Teams that end up with more than 2 QBs, must release the extras and keep only 2.

  15. Respond to emails and to board posts when needed. USE A VALID / ACTIVE  EMAIL THAT YOU CHECK OFTEN -  That is how we know team coaches are staying up to date. Your opinion and participation is required. Any coach/player that does not respond to emails from the league's moderator or management, will be considered abandoned and disqualified. Owner will be removed from the league and team will be given to any other new player wanting to join. If team is not owned in time, it will be locked and removed at the end of the season. 

  16. Some violations will result on Game Suspension. means the team coach will be blocked from all team activities like roster settings , player trades, drops and adds, from 1 week to 4 weeks , depending of the gravity of rule violation. 3 Violations will result in complete removal from the league. You can buy one week out of the 2+ suspensions by donating $5.00 to the Ring Fund.

  17. The NFL phone App does not show all the features of the league, including the Fantasy Polls and the Playoff Challenge. Make sure you use a PC  to play and not just your phone. The app is good to follow the live games but unfortunately not to vote in the polls or the other important features that our league uses to evaluate coaches for the selection of the MVC (Most Valuable Coach). Using a PC browser also increases your chances of winning as you can manage your team more efficiently.

  18. The league reserves the rights to accept or reject any player or team at any time.

  19. Finally, Have fun! Have a good sense of humor. Share your thoughts,  jokes and funny remarks between teams and coaches using the activity board. Enjoy the thrill of coaching your own NFL team and make new friends in the process!

This league is made for the REAL dedicated and committed football fan. If you agree to our guidelines and regulations, you can join the league and play !

League's Awards & Prizes

Cash Prizes & Awards are for Registered Competitors Only

League Winner - Gold Plated Championship Ring  (Est. Value= $30 - $50 USD)

Regular Season Winner (Weeks 1- 12) - $10.00

League MVC (***Most Valuable Coach***)- $5.00

*** MVC it's awarded to the coach with the most league participation and game performance in all our Game platforms ( Playoff Challenge & Pick'Em )

**** More prizes are added based on Funding Budget. ****

You can donate as many times as you wish, but one donation is more than plenty.

All cash prizes are delivered using PayPal

The ring will be ordered on week 16 of the regular season, after winner is officially announced. Allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery to the winner.

Players can win up to $15.00 Cash + The Championship Ring!

Player Winning odds = 20-1


******HMN FFL is a non-profit entity. All collected donations will be revised and utilized in its totality on the cash prizes, purchase of the FFL Ring and shipping fees. ******


How to Join the League

After agreeing to our guidelines and regulations, follow this steps:

1. Fill out our application form.  APPLY NOW

2. Go to and open a free account.
3. Choose a team name and logo from our Official League Teams . Make sure that the team name and logo you picked is available. No doubles!
4. With your account already active, wait to be accepted by the league. Once approved, an email will be sent to you with instructions to enter the league
5. After successfully entering the league, go to your team settings and change your team name to the one you have chosen along with their respective logo.
6. Read the activity board for news, or any further instructions from the league.
 Email instructions will be sent to you as well.

NFL Network League ID Card League ID: 2325338  EST 2014

Survivor Group ID: HMN FFL

The Playoff Challenge: HMN FFL

Team Registrations : From June 1rst to August 1rst

Auto-Pick Draft Date: Last Sunday of August

Draft Type: Auto Pick Draft by

Auto-Pick Draft Format: Custom Randomized Snake

League Season Schedule

Training Camp Opening Day: July 1rst

Pre-Season Opening Day: August 1rst

Regular Season: Weeks 1 to 12

Wild Card Games: Week 13

Divisional Championships: Week 14

League's Final 4 Elimination: Week 15

League's Championship Game: Week 16

League Staff

  • League Commissioner:  Ralph V.
  • Interim League Commissioner: Sandra V.
  • League Manager / Website IT: Ernie B. League Settings

  • Divisions: 4
  • Teams: 20
  • Weeks Per Playoff Matchup 1 Week
  • Wild card Games: Week 13
  • Playoffs Weeks 14, 15 & 16 - 8 teams
  • Viewable to Public: Yes
  • Max Trades per Season: No Maximum
  • Trade Review Type: No Review
  • Trade Deadline: Week 12
  • Waiver Period: No Waivers
  • Free Agent Lock Type: Yes (player locks at game time)
  • Roster Lock Type: Game Time
  • Start of Season: Week 1
  • Standings Tiebreaker: Head to Head Record
  • Allow Matchup Ties: Yes
  • Undroppable List: Fantasy

Scoring Settings

  • Passing Yards:1 point per 10 yards
  • Passing Touchdowns:6 points
  • Interceptions Thrown:-1 point
  • 300-399 Passing Yards Bonus:10 points
  • 400+ Passing Yards Bonus:20 points
  • Rushing Yards:1 point per 10 yards
  • Rushing Touchdowns:6 points
  • 100-199 Rushing Yards Bonus:10 points
  • 200+ Rushing Yards Bonus: 20 points
  • PPR:  1 point Per Reception
  • Receiving Yards:1 point per 10 yards
  • Receiving Touchdowns:6 points
  • 100-199 Receiving Yards Bonus:10 points
  • 200+ Receiving Yards Bonus:20 points
  • Kickoff and Punt Return Yards:1 point per 10 yards
  • Kickoff and Punt Return Touchdowns:6 points
  • Fumble Recovered for TD:6 points
  • 2-Point Conversions:2 points


To join the game, or to view more team stats, history and player information,

 visit our League's GameCenter at:

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